Why Use RecordTime?

Beginning a new recording project is one of the most exciting things an artist can do. We want to keep the excitement going, from beginning to end.

With RecordTime, everything you need to begin your dream project is available at your fingertips.

New artist

New Artists

While we provide a platform for all artists, regardless of experience, we provide the tools every artist needs to make certain they can have the most fun recording with the least amount of stress.

This means we tell you everything you ever need to know about copyrighting songs to performance rights organizations to the basics of a recording session.

Set Up A Profile

When you’re ready to start your project, simply follow the instructions and create a profile. Your profile will be your hub to keep all the information about your project you’d like to share with prospective producers, including scratch recordings, lyrics, budget, and headshots.

That’s not all—your profile page can be made public, and you can show your fans.

  • The projects you’re working on
  • Crowdfunding portal for projects
  • Upcoming show dates
  • Allmusic credits
  • Your recorded music
  • Links to social media and YouTube pages
How it works1 large
How it works1 large

Find Your Ideal Producer

Once you create a new project on your profile, you can add everything your producer will need to know for your next project.

After uploading all of your information, you can submit your project to your favorite producers for review. You’ll soon hear back from your producers with information about their availability, suggestions, and meet up information.

Choose Your Terms

A production agreement should be as simple, clear, and safe as possible. That’s why every producer on RecordTime must enter into a contract that protects your interests and clearly states what they will need from you to make your project the best it can be.

Alongside your recording terms, your producer will present you with an invoice of every cost that will go into making your project, with the names and fees of every studio professional they agree to bring in on the project.

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Make A Secure Payment

Once you and your producer have agreed to a contract, you make a secure payment to begin work.

The payment must be made in full at the beginning of the contract, but payments to your producer and any studio professionals involved will be paid in intervals as the work is done, so you won’t lose your payment until the work for the day is done and you’ve signed off.


Is your ideal production team financially out of your reach? We believe everyone should be able to have the means of recording their dream session. That’s why we have included a crowdfunding feature that allows you to publicize the details of your project, including your agreement and detailed invoice, so your fans have the ability to contribute to your next project with the knowledge that every penny is put to good use.

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